Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Episode One

In our first episode I (Demis) and Deadlei introduce ourselves and give a bit of our Roleplay history. We also discuss the age old question 'what is roleplaying' and a little bit about a charachters history. Next we discussed Blizzard's RP Policy on naming which seems to be a large issue on some servers. We also mention Wichdocta's Rolecraft Blog which is a wonderful site for new roleplayers. Last we close with the lore of the Draenei of the alliance.


Anara said...

((I haven't listened to your podcast just yet, but I did submit a request for it on iTunes. I found you via Rolecraft the Blog, so thanks to Jim for linking to you! This username has a character blog associated with it: Trials of the Wildmanes (

Thanks for doing this! I'm new to RP and I always listen to the WoW podcasts while I'm playing. I'm really excited to add this podcast to my list!))

Enno said...


You two are adding alot to the online resource RPer's can turn to for help.

Artanas said...

Great podcast ladies, I'm looking forward to the next show

Anonymous said...

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