Tuesday, September 11, 2007

{{Deadlei/Aiyume Inspirational Screenshots}}

So...A while ago we mentioned that we would be putting screenshots of our characters up here. So heres mine! With my Night Elf Shadow priestAiyume and my Blood Elf Frost Mage Deadlei ~Enjoy!

Friday, September 7, 2007

LF Authors, Testers, and everything!

Hey guys, well me and the admin who is hosting the site have done the basic setup however we need the following to help us

Know a lot about wikis? Or willing to learn? Have patience? able to set up pages, templates, and do some basic and advanced editing so everything is easy to get to? Then contact me!

Like writting articles? Willing to learn basic editing of a wiki? Want to do proof reading of articles put up by normal members? Are you ok with spelling and grammar? Than Contact ME!

Want to start a charchter or guild page? Ready to use the wiki in beta? Ready to submit error reports and tell us what needs to be changed? Then again I say Contact me!

I am not looking for anyone to start working on this thing full time or anything, but I do need people who can activly work on this more than once a week. A few hours a week will be required, but I won't be keeping track. If you are interested you can email me at rptavern@gmail.com or at lorim.wow@gmail.com and we'll get you started!
Let me know what you want to do, how much work your willing to put in, and if you know anyone else who might be interested.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Episode 17: Gotta love lore

Hey here it is! Sorry it took us so long to put up, but someone had to upload over dial-up which = not fun.

Point being episode 17 is up, and the only link this week is to my blog, which I encourage you to check out if your ever bored

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Episode 16- Ages of Wikki

In this episode we talk about Ages of races and a Role Play wikki.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

World Of Warcraft Video Podcast Apperance

Hey everyone, I know its a bit late but in a previous episode I talked about making a guest apperance in the World Of Warcraft Video Podcast where I gave a Roleplay 101 segment and overall had a great time! Here is the link to it for anyone interested, and props to Laike ^_^. Also Episode 15 has been recorded buut since I am on Vacation and I also do t he editing and uploading everyone has to wait till Thursday or Firday when I get home. Brace yourselves!

~Love, Deadlei

Monday, July 30, 2007

Epidode 14: [Insert title that sums up everything we talked about here]

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay again. In this episode we talked about various things, one staring off with certain role play mods. For those of you who have been using the mod MRP they are no longer going to update (or so it has been said) so many people have simply switched over to flagRSP2 which Lorim discusses. She also mentioned / ,Eloquence, Battle Cry , and Annoy RP .The rest of the mod list can be found here
. Then we briefly mentioned some of the WoW RP books that can be boughthere Then the lore of the Deeprum Tram can be found here


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wisdom teeth eek

Well we have been unable to post a show, and yes I realize that, and I also realize I have yet to fix episode 12. Two weeks ago I had my wisdom teeth taken out very painfully and spent the first week asleep on the couch, now that it is week two I am still having problems, which has also created scheduling conflicts with Deadlei. But we will be back up in running in just a few days. Hope you all can forgive me!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Episode 13: Dramatis Personae

In this episode we cover the Role-play "call sheet" called Dramatis Personae and the RP-PvP guild The Keepers of Stromgarde on the Venture Co. Server, and for the lore the Cenarion Circle!

Get it all here!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Episode 12: Real Life Vs. IC

Sorry for the delay!

In this episode we talk about Real Life Relationships Vs. the In character ones where we talk about different levels of relationships one might have from friendships, romantic, rivalry, to enemy! All with the help of a real life friend of Demis.


Get it here!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Episode 11: Holy Sorrows and Raiding Joys

In this epiosde we talk about everything from following the holy ways aka being a priest to more and more RP realms! This was a shorter epiosde but good all the same with yours truly editting and playing the music, find all my errors and send hate mail! (Joking!) We also answered two very good emails about a priest who made his own healing macros, to a guy who wants to RP but also raids, we had a solution for them both! For the realms portion I got a reveiw on Black Water Raiders along with additional Earthen Ring along with many others! Enjoy!

Get it here!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Episode 10: Assassins, cities, and realms

Hey everyone! In this episode we talk about places and city's to RP and meet other roleplayers and we cover both Horde and Alliance sides for everyone. Also we talked about RP realms including the status and where to go depending on other peoples explanations.

First we did Twisting Nether which is RP-PvP, followed by Emerald Dream which is also RP-PvP, then Silver Hand with had the Guild forums thread.. Next we did Shadow Council, Kirin Tor, and Lightning Hoof where I mentioned the
Cult of Luukos guild and Crimsion Hammer Coalition.
Then Emerald Dream, followed by Thorium Brotherhood With the Guild listings here, and last but not least Earthen Ring where we are located!

More to come about guilds in the next episode it was a bit longer than usual but thats always fine.

For the lore section we covered The Syndicates, exciting right?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Episode 9: Your Role in Instances

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay of last weeks show Demis was out in Florida having a blast and as for me I was....playing Warcraft! Like normal. Yet we are back and better than ever! We had technical difficulties recording Monday so we had to re-record today (Tuesday) and it sounds great. In this weeks show we discussed Role-playing in instances and how to go about it, along with PUG (Pick Up Group) and instance etiquette in general. Also we had a very interesting lore topic today- Earthen Ring. Not only is it the name of a server but its also an organization. Sneaky right?

Get it all here!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Show Delay

Sorry for the show delay guys but I've been out of town and just got home so we skipped last week! New one coming soon!

Demis and Deadlei

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Episode 8: Mabon Lightpath

We threw the normal show out the window today and had a guest. Mabon Lighpath joined us to talk about her character Mabon and Bjorke and her roleplay experience. What makes Mabon stand out is the fact that her character has a mother and father that Mabon will multi box. She also has some great storylines some planned by her, some by others, and some completely random. You can view her blog at http://www.mabonlightpath.wordpress.com
heres the show hope you enjoy! We hope to have some great feedback about this one!

Demis and Deadlei

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A new survey

Ok I think I am finally done playing with the site. However, I did come up with a new survey and I really need a vote!

Free Web Poll

Monday, May 7, 2007

Episode 7: Mages and Weddings

Ok here it is Episode 7 is here!

First we talk about the Mage Society made by Demis and everyone is welcome to come join us! Next we moved on to in game wedding and what you can wear if your in the wedding, about being a priest, and where to go to have weddings and receptions.

We also throw out a few things that have been going on in all realms such as
-Don't gold beg
-Gold Spamming, will it be solved?
-Priest vs. resto druids vs. Pallys

We also announce another guest next week, hope everyone is as excited as we are!

Last but not least we do our lore, we talk a little bit about the lore behind Shattrath City and Aldor as well as the quests you do when you first get there.

Enjoy, email us, leave us a skype message, and let us know what you think!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Changes to Site!

Hey everyone Deadlei here,

I felt the need to make this site not only a way to know new upgrades about the Podcast but a way to also let you guys use us for more than an audio resource. So I took the time to do some searching and found soem great sites that could be used to Role-playing needs aswell as a link to the Role-play Offical WoW forums which have GREAT tips there. Also if you guys were looking for a RP/RP-PvP realm and werent sure which one to go to, I even listed a clickable link to those forums also! Each one has its own characteristics. I also added a lore link section according to the ones through Wikipedia, there are lots more out there but this was easiest to find.

Also the audio quality of the show is getting alot better and people have been throwing out compliments and such. So many thank you's to those people. I've gotten help fixing my mic volume (kudos to Lumid from WoW Addons) and im also starting to do some of the editing, since we normally record on Mondays at 6pm pst and 9est time the release date normally varies.

I also have alot of fun playing and chatting with you guys in game and in e-mails. Keep it comming! Be sure to send in audio files and skype calls also, we love to get those so dont be shy!

Thats all for now!

Deadlei <3

Monday, April 30, 2007

Episode 6: Roleplay Do's and Dont's Along with Roleplay Fashion

In Episode 6 we cover Do's and Don'ts to basic role-playing along with clothes and armor used for role-playing aswell as general use. Also discussed was how to get your characters story out when meeting new people, aswell as finding the lore for yourself. Deadlei editied the show for the first time ever so nobody kill her or send hate mail ^_^"

The list of Do's and Dont's

DO choose the character traits you want to roleplay before you create your character.

DO think about your character's personal history. Which city did he or she hail from? What was his or her family like? Does he or she have any intense likes or dislikes? Obsessions or Phobias?

DON'T feel that you have to roleplay yourself. Roleplaying a character significantly different than your own personality is one of the joys of roleplaying.

DON'T feel that you have to roleplay a character that's your same gender.

DO try to learn more about the opposite gender if you decide to gender-bend your character. Women and men have significantly different sets of desires and rationales, but many of them are the same. If you are a male roleplaying a female, then prissy speech, extreme vanity, or 'overly' feminine behavior will do more to harm your character than it will to help. The same goes for females who want to roleplay males that are interested in nothing but athletics, rude behavior, and objectification of women.

DO consider making notes as to the actions your character makes and those actions the character witnesses.

DO keep your character's age in mind. Is your character child-like, adolescent, adult, elderly? How does that affect your character's behavior?

DON'T try to constantly speak in archaic language. 'Thee' and 'Thou' are pretty, but annoying. Use them when appropriate, such as a very formal setting or around deities.

DO attempt to maintain consistency. If your character speaks in a drawl or dialect, for example, dropping that dialect suddenly will ruin the suspension of disbelief. A Troll who "uzyuulee speeks lyk dis" will run into roleplaying problems if he suddenly starts speaking in coherent English. It's better for the Troll to be intelligent enough to carry on a conversation in the first place than it is for him to suddenly become intelligent.

DON'T try to force those around you to roleplay, especially when you're not with people you know. Trying to get a pick-up group to role-play is usually a recipe for disaster.

DO try to stay in character around those you don't know, but don't be afraid to drop out of character if you have to.

DON'T use abbreviations when roleplaying. It's much more convincing to use complete words or sentences.

DO use in-game items to roleplay. Foraged items and tradeskill items make excellent roleplaying accessories.

DON'T use roleplaying as an excuse to act in an offensive or abusive manner.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Episode 5: A Special Guest

Episode 5 is here! And we bring on Desdemina who talks about how she started roleplaying recently and tells us about her blog which is listed on the right hand side.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Come RP With us

So we've gotten a lot of emails, and just people talking to me in game who have said 'I want to RP but I'm scared to try and look dumb'. Well we have the solution! Over on the Earthen Ring (US RP server) we have created a channel that Deadlei and I are always in. Just type /join rptavern and your in! This is an open RP for anyone, everyone, and even noobs. Just jump in and start somewhere. Deadlei and I, when we are on, will try to RP with you, give you hints, tips, and the like!

The whole point of this is to give you a place where everyone can screw up, ask questions, and become better Roleplayers!

Also I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to Desdimina who has contributed funds to help us get started, and will also be showing up on the next show to give us the point of view of a newb roleplayer.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Episode 4: Taurens and Pets and more Roleplaying

Well here it is Episode 4 is finally up! This week we talk about the Tauren as well as Why We Roleplay, and Non-combat pets. This week our audio is sounding better. Hopefully it will keep improving as we play with it.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Episode 3

Well its finally Here and this time with no upload problems! First we talk about reasons people role play which can be very important for everyone as an individual. We also talk about brining your WoW Role play Character into the Forums. We talk about a specific thread that can be found Here. Last but not least we talk about the night elf lore. So Enjoy!

Monday, April 2, 2007

It's Finally Here!

Episode 2 is finally here! Sorry it took so long we had some MAJOR upload problems. In this episode we talk about Out Of Character (OOC) vs. In Character (IC), and how to say hello. We also talked about the difference between big guilds and little guilds. We talked about the forum topic Demis created called "Can a guild be to big?". Last but not least we talked all about the Undead lore.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Episode 2 Will be up soon. Along with a poll.

Hey everyone! Firstly we would both like to thank everyone for listening to our first episode and giving us tons of support! Our second episode should be up soon on itunes so be sure to look for it. Also be sure to fill out the poll to help us out.

Thank you all <3
-Deadlei & Demis

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Up on itunes

Well I just got the email and its official! We are now in the itunes directory so go look us up! Now I haven't been onto itunes yet to be sure, but apple said I was up there so I'm going to trust them!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Episode One

In our first episode I (Demis) and Deadlei introduce ourselves and give a bit of our Roleplay history. We also discuss the age old question 'what is roleplaying' and a little bit about a charachters history. Next we discussed Blizzard's RP Policy on naming which seems to be a large issue on some servers. We also mention Wichdocta's Rolecraft Blog which is a wonderful site for new roleplayers. Last we close with the lore of the Draenei of the alliance.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Roleplay mistakes

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