Monday, September 3, 2007

Episode 17: Gotta love lore

Hey here it is! Sorry it took us so long to put up, but someone had to upload over dial-up which = not fun.

Point being episode 17 is up, and the only link this week is to my blog, which I encourage you to check out if your ever bored


Enno said...

the link to your blog ends in error 404 ;)

Might check the link again:).

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible if you could put up an RSS feed for the podcast? I can’t seem to find one. I recently moved from iTunes to Juice, which requires RSS feeds, and I can’t seem to find one on the site.

It would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Mr Waterford said...

Where's the next show?! I can't wait for it. You've got a good show going. Keep it up!