Monday, April 9, 2007

Episode 3

Well its finally Here and this time with no upload problems! First we talk about reasons people role play which can be very important for everyone as an individual. We also talk about brining your WoW Role play Character into the Forums. We talk about a specific thread that can be found Here. Last but not least we talk about the night elf lore. So Enjoy!


SuburbanLemur said...
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SuburbanLemur said...

I'm finding that Deadlei is very quiet on the podcast. Is it possible to up her volume either at input or via editing?

Good show, but a little hard to listen to while doing other things.

(Deleted earlier comment due to a typo.)

RP Tavern said...

We have some difficulties which we are slowly playing with and adjusting . Also is there a reason it is hard to listen to? Something we can improve?

SuburbanLemur said...

Just the volume difference is the difficulty. It might be as simple as Deadlei turning up the input volume on her mike.

(Having trouble logging in for some reason.)

war is god said...

Medivh, the prophet from WC3, wasn't a druid, he was the most powerful guardian of Tirisfal which is why he can turn into a raven. The Druids of the Talon from WC3 are what flight form for druids is based off of.