Monday, April 16, 2007

Episode 4: Taurens and Pets and more Roleplaying

Well here it is Episode 4 is finally up! This week we talk about the Tauren as well as Why We Roleplay, and Non-combat pets. This week our audio is sounding better. Hopefully it will keep improving as we play with it.


snotnose said...

Two minor suggestions, not focused at just this episode (first is really a nit):

1) Pick either one name and stick with it (goes for this show and WOWaddons) or use your real name. I personally would suggest (as you are women) to chose a "fake" name, but your choice.

2) Don't start a segment with "In this segment I am going to talk about...". Having a transition is good, but doing it that way is awkward. Perhaps bumpers or somesuch would help.

Otherwise, I do like the show (and hope the sound quality does continue to improve (haven't had a chance yet to listen to this episode)).

snotnose said...

Ah...blessed are those that clean up sound quality. My ears are much happier.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock! It's a really cool podcast and I am learning how to RP well. I'm going to get myself a pet when I can log on next!

My character blog is pretty much like a diary, which I like to update almost everyday =)