Monday, April 30, 2007

Episode 6: Roleplay Do's and Dont's Along with Roleplay Fashion

In Episode 6 we cover Do's and Don'ts to basic role-playing along with clothes and armor used for role-playing aswell as general use. Also discussed was how to get your characters story out when meeting new people, aswell as finding the lore for yourself. Deadlei editied the show for the first time ever so nobody kill her or send hate mail ^_^"

The list of Do's and Dont's

DO choose the character traits you want to roleplay before you create your character.

DO think about your character's personal history. Which city did he or she hail from? What was his or her family like? Does he or she have any intense likes or dislikes? Obsessions or Phobias?

DON'T feel that you have to roleplay yourself. Roleplaying a character significantly different than your own personality is one of the joys of roleplaying.

DON'T feel that you have to roleplay a character that's your same gender.

DO try to learn more about the opposite gender if you decide to gender-bend your character. Women and men have significantly different sets of desires and rationales, but many of them are the same. If you are a male roleplaying a female, then prissy speech, extreme vanity, or 'overly' feminine behavior will do more to harm your character than it will to help. The same goes for females who want to roleplay males that are interested in nothing but athletics, rude behavior, and objectification of women.

DO consider making notes as to the actions your character makes and those actions the character witnesses.

DO keep your character's age in mind. Is your character child-like, adolescent, adult, elderly? How does that affect your character's behavior?

DON'T try to constantly speak in archaic language. 'Thee' and 'Thou' are pretty, but annoying. Use them when appropriate, such as a very formal setting or around deities.

DO attempt to maintain consistency. If your character speaks in a drawl or dialect, for example, dropping that dialect suddenly will ruin the suspension of disbelief. A Troll who "uzyuulee speeks lyk dis" will run into roleplaying problems if he suddenly starts speaking in coherent English. It's better for the Troll to be intelligent enough to carry on a conversation in the first place than it is for him to suddenly become intelligent.

DON'T try to force those around you to roleplay, especially when you're not with people you know. Trying to get a pick-up group to role-play is usually a recipe for disaster.

DO try to stay in character around those you don't know, but don't be afraid to drop out of character if you have to.

DON'T use abbreviations when roleplaying. It's much more convincing to use complete words or sentences.

DO use in-game items to roleplay. Foraged items and tradeskill items make excellent roleplaying accessories.

DON'T use roleplaying as an excuse to act in an offensive or abusive manner.

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