Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Changes to Site!

Hey everyone Deadlei here,

I felt the need to make this site not only a way to know new upgrades about the Podcast but a way to also let you guys use us for more than an audio resource. So I took the time to do some searching and found soem great sites that could be used to Role-playing needs aswell as a link to the Role-play Offical WoW forums which have GREAT tips there. Also if you guys were looking for a RP/RP-PvP realm and werent sure which one to go to, I even listed a clickable link to those forums also! Each one has its own characteristics. I also added a lore link section according to the ones through Wikipedia, there are lots more out there but this was easiest to find.

Also the audio quality of the show is getting alot better and people have been throwing out compliments and such. So many thank you's to those people. I've gotten help fixing my mic volume (kudos to Lumid from WoW Addons) and im also starting to do some of the editing, since we normally record on Mondays at 6pm pst and 9est time the release date normally varies.

I also have alot of fun playing and chatting with you guys in game and in e-mails. Keep it comming! Be sure to send in audio files and skype calls also, we love to get those so dont be shy!

Thats all for now!

Deadlei <3

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