Monday, May 7, 2007

Episode 7: Mages and Weddings

Ok here it is Episode 7 is here!

First we talk about the Mage Society made by Demis and everyone is welcome to come join us! Next we moved on to in game wedding and what you can wear if your in the wedding, about being a priest, and where to go to have weddings and receptions.

We also throw out a few things that have been going on in all realms such as
-Don't gold beg
-Gold Spamming, will it be solved?
-Priest vs. resto druids vs. Pallys

We also announce another guest next week, hope everyone is as excited as we are!

Last but not least we do our lore, we talk a little bit about the lore behind Shattrath City and Aldor as well as the quests you do when you first get there.

Enjoy, email us, leave us a skype message, and let us know what you think!

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