Monday, June 4, 2007

Episode 10: Assassins, cities, and realms

Hey everyone! In this episode we talk about places and city's to RP and meet other roleplayers and we cover both Horde and Alliance sides for everyone. Also we talked about RP realms including the status and where to go depending on other peoples explanations.

First we did Twisting Nether which is RP-PvP, followed by Emerald Dream which is also RP-PvP, then Silver Hand with had the Guild forums thread.. Next we did Shadow Council, Kirin Tor, and Lightning Hoof where I mentioned the
Cult of Luukos guild and Crimsion Hammer Coalition.
Then Emerald Dream, followed by Thorium Brotherhood With the Guild listings here, and last but not least Earthen Ring where we are located!

More to come about guilds in the next episode it was a bit longer than usual but thats always fine.

For the lore section we covered The Syndicates, exciting right?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting together these shows. I especially enjoyed the Roleplaying realms breakdown and as always the Lore section, but...

I understand you both multi-task while recording, but at times it seems like the podcast listener takes a back seat to what your presenting and suddenly we are just along for the ride while you do your other tasks. Editing would help. Or simply not being in an instance while Podcasting could do the trick as well. It's my opinion only, but please take a little care in how the content is presented. I love the joking, the fun of it, and the tangents but I'd prefer not to ride shotgun.

Just something to think about. Your the creators though, please feel free to utterly disregard this comment. I'm still going to listen.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above comment. In my mind, the fact that you guys play while recording explains the uneveness and sometimes unprofessional feel of the podcast.

The podcast is still interesting, but if you want it to rise to its full potential you have to prioritize it just a little.

I also want to take issue with the suggestion that one *must* roleplay on an 'rp' tagged server. I fully agree that you must not mock roleplayers on rp servers, and you should not do so on any servers, but what is this idea that you have to roleplay? First, how much roleplaying is enough? I set out to roleplay maybe one day a month - is that enough? Does my presence "frustrate" others the rest of the time? Second, rp servers tend to have more mature players - they are a refuge from players who are likely to harass others and be obnoxious. I think that this is a legitimate reason to roll on one. Third, when you're looking for a group to run an instance, do you actually care if the other players roleplay? Rp servers are often lower in population, and non-roleplayers provide extra bodies. Speaking as someone leveling an alt mostly solo (lvl 34 human mage) in a time when most serious players are level 70, I find that I need everyone I can find.

Thorium Brotherhood

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Although I picked an RP server to do 50/50 RPing with my time, the extra added benefit of such a server is simply a higher majority being of a mature age. I tried a PVE server originally (auto server select) but the utter lack of RP (not surprisingly) and the rudeness lead me to find a RP server which catered to what I was looking for.

Thanks for the show,

Thorium Brotherhood

Lorim said...

Well I do have to say that no RPing all the time on an RP server is not something even I could handle. However if you are on an RP Server you should be there because you like to RP, you want to RP, even if you don't.

and I think everyone agrees RPers shouldn't be mocked.

Also I never run instances wihle podcasting, actually I rarely multi task like I did this past time. and as far as editing if we edit some of it out then its not a natural flow and it sounds worse...


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the show, but still have to wonder why Demis is constantly interuppting Deadlei? Is this a technical issue?

RP Tavern said...

Most the time yes its technical. We live on opposite ends of the US and sometimes we have lag, and sometimes its just miscommunication. Though it is a lot better than it was before.

Quillsabroad said...

I wonder - do you have a link so I can subscribe via iTunes like 99% of podcasts out there?

Anonymous said...

Just search for them on the iTunes store.